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APS® Provides Armed Security Guard Services

Are you looking for armed security guard services? You have come to the right place! APS’s success is built upon the quality and professionalism of our armed security guards. All of our armed professionals are well-trained, qualified, and specifically selected for their ability to treat clients and their holdings with dignity and respect.

Before our guards ever see action in the field, they are instructed in our company’s robust security strategies. That means our guards incorporate a variety of technologies and industry-defining procedures into their work, making them so effective that they rarely, if ever, need to discharge their weapons. Of course, that does not mean that they avoid this if it is absolutely in the best interest of the client. The truth is that many of our higher level armed security guards have prior experience in law enforcement or the military, making them ideal candidates for protecting our clients’ interest with deadly force, if necessary.

Our hiring process ensure that the guards we provide are always a cut above the rest. We start with a detailed background check, then apply algorithms that select for integrity, skill, and lawfulness, before subjecting potential armed security guards to a rigorous interview and testing process. This ensures that all our professionals are individuals of character, with the skills and dedication necessary to meet the APS standard.

Thorough Background Checks on our Armed Security Guards

The following list represents just some of the areas that our detailed background checks look into during the hiring process.

Only those who excel in every category are able to join the APS team:

Federal, state, and local criminal histories are looked into:
With a APS security professional, you can rest easy knowing they will have no prior convictions at any level of the penal system.
Department of Motor Vehicles records are thoroughly examined:
Reviewing DMV records not only helps us establish who is and is not fit to drive patrol vehicles, it can also indicate security professionals with a history of substance abuse, or who have been involved in shady vehicular dealings.
Social security records are reviewed for evidence of criminality or not trustworthiness:
Looking at the social security records of our guards helps us to look into their employment history in greater detail, allowing us to see if they have falsified any information regarding their previous work experience.
Previous employment is expressly researched:
If employees expresses that they did a good job at a given company, we look into it. Guard must be trustworthy, so professionals who exaggerate their claims in order to land new jobs are simply not wanted here.
Credit reports are reviewed to determine the applicants’ financial responsibility:
Irresponsibility bleeds over into other areas of life. An applicant who is bad with money cannot be trusted to protect other people’s property.
State licenses are reviewed to ensure that no records have been falsified:
We make sure that all applicants have proper license, looking beyond an easily forgeable paper and into state and federal records.
Education is looked into to ensure that our guards meet our educational standards:
While we require little more than a high school diploma from our lowest level guards, our managers often has higher education, and when people are applying for those positions, we always look into their educational history.
Our Armed Security Guard Training Is Detailed, and Re-done Annually.

Once candidates are approved for training, they are required to undergo a series of classes to familiarize themselves with the risks an armed security guard faces. Because we require our guards to be retrained on a yearly basis, you can rest easy knowing that any guard you hire has a detailed and up-to-date understanding of the best and latest security procedures.

When considering security guard companies, ask yourself this: Would you rather hire guards from a security team that makes sure every employee is up-to-date in terms of relevant skills by training them every year, or would you prefer to hire from a company that provides no training what-so-ever? (Keep in mind that most companies provide little to no hands on training once guards are hired into their consortium.)

Order armed security guards today through our online order form, or discuss your options with one of our security specialists by calling 1-866-770-0004.

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