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Construction Security Guard  

A construction security guard should offer a variety of benefits to different construction companies. They not only reduce costs associated with theft and damage but they also can provide a discount on a business’s insurance. A construction security guard can but also alleviate your staff of the burden of routine security procedures. Every construction security guard should be trained in all aspects of construction site and office security systems, including patrol and perimeter checks, gate access control for visitors and vehicles, visitor and VIP escorts, and activity reports. Daily activity reports can be designed to include truck logs, material watch logs, equipment movement logs, and more. In the event of an incident, they should provide a detailed and accurate report as well as contact local police or the fire department if appropriate. For large sites, some security companies will have the construction security guard provide motion sensors and “no trespassing” signs at no additional charge, or

Another reason why construction guards are vital to companies is because traffic control is needed. A construction security guard should keep traffic flow moving safely and smoothly. Their overall goal is to avoid interrupting your construction site. APS can handle both small jobs and big jobs.

Types of Construction Sites  

  • Construction Security
  • Patrol Services for Security Sites
  • Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • All Construction
  • Emergency Response
  • Armed Security Guards
  • Unarmed Security Guards
  • Off-duty Police Protection

Every construction security guard should always arrive in security uniforms that are designed for construction jobsites: a construction vest over our standard company uniform with company badges, duty belt, and hard hat. Call APS today for your next construction security guard you can trust.

Construction Security Guard Services  

* Site and office security patrol

* Job site or gate access control for visitors and vehicles

* Visitor and VIP escort

* Foot patrols

* Vehicle patrols

* Standing guards

* Equipment movement/watch logs

* Material watch logs

* Daily activity logs

* Incident reports

* 24-hour guard services

* 24-hour emergency response

* Wireless video camera surveillance

* Motion detection monitoring

Need a construction security guard for any of your on-site businesses? Contact us at or call us at 1-866-770-0004 for all bookings.

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