Security of large office buildings, construction sites, manufacturing facilities and large retail outlets can all benefit from 24-hour video security surveillance. Security guards can’t be everywhere. Strategically mounted live-feed security cameras add another layer of security.

24-Hours/7-Days A Week Coverage. Around-the-clock security camera monitoring gives businesses the ability to enlist the help of trained security personnel to review live feeds and alert onsite security guards or police when they see something suspicious.

Live feeds give monitors visual access to more areas than guards can patrol alone. Well-positioned cameras cover multiple access points, storage and equipment yards, rooftops, and other vulnerabilities. Suspicious activity caught on video can be addressed immediately, not discovered hours later during a post-incident review.

This capability can prevent thousands of dollars in vandalism and theft and discourage other criminals from attempting the same type of activities on the site.

Access Patrol Services has been providing video surveillance services to all types of clients for over 30 years. Contact APS at 866-770-0004 with questions about our guard services in California and Arizona or go to

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