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Whether security is needed at an event, retail outlet, warehouse, commercial office building or any number of other locations, our uniformed security guards are on the job to keep people and places safe, to spot and respond to inappropriate behavior and provide assistance in case of emergency.

Deter Crime

Uniformed security guards are a powerful deterrent to criminal activity. Access Patrol Services’ uniformed guards are figures of authority. There mere presence can keep vandals, thieves and other criminals away.

Diffuse Volatile Situations

Our guards are problem solvers. A situation could involve a wedding guest who has had too much to drink or an irate customer who is threatening a clerk. Our security guards are trained to deescalate volatile situations, and if necessary, escort disruptive individuals from the premises and arrange for a safe ride home or detain offenders until police arrive.

Take The Lead During Emergencies

When the unthinkable happens—a natural disaster, a serious accident, an active shooter—the public turns to uniformed security officers for guidance. Guards help assess and respond to the emergency. Our guards are trained in crowd control so they can quickly, calmly and efficiently conduct evacuations when necessary.

Screening checkpoints are almost everywhere nowadays and uniformed guards are on the front lines. Uniformed guards are stationed at sign-in desks in commercial office buildings. They provide vehicle checks at parking lots and at private community entries. They conduct bag and body screenings at concerts and other special events. While performing their duties, our guards always remain courteous and respectful of individual personal rights.

Enforce Rules and Control Access

There are locations where the public is not allowed. Our security guards help you control access to areas that are off limits to the public and enforce no trespassing rules and codes of conduct.

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