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Residents in a gated community expect an extra level of security over open communities. In reality, gated communities are tempting targets to criminals because of the perceived higher valued items in the homes inside. A guard gate at the entrance doesn’t mean a community will be crime free. Far from it.

Criminals can enter posing as contractors, delivery personnel or visitors. They can climb over walls or they could even be a resident. Break-ins, assaults, violent disputes and vandalism are just some of the serious issues that can occur in any neighborhood.

Community association board of directors must analyze the type of unlawful activity that takes place in the community, talk with local police and receive neighbor input. At Access Patrol Services, we have extensive experience working with gated communities and HOAs directors to help develop successful security solutions. Our staff focuses on the unique security needs of your residential community.

Addressing Vulnerabilities

Board of directors can implement these simple security measures:

  • Add sufficient lighting at all entrances, public areas, grouped mailboxes, parking lots and structures.

  • Trim public area shrubs and other landscaping so as not to provide hiding places for intruders.

  • Hold regular community-watch meetings to discuss issues and hear from law enforcement.

  • Develop and follow stringent rules concerning who comes and goes through the entry gate with buy-in from community members.

Security Guard Patrols

Our security guards’ only goal is to keep members of gated and HOA communities safe from property loss, vandalism and personal attacks. Our guards are highly visible as they patrol communities in their marked vehicles. Their visibility is deterrent to criminals. If a crime does occur, they respond immediately and alert police.

Our Services Include

  • Guard gate staffing

  • Vehicle/foot patrols

  • Emergency response

  • Special event/meeting security

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