Are All Your Guards Licensed?

Yes. All our guards have successfully passed a licensing exam by the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services in California or the Arizona Department of Public Safety in Arizona. Additional ongoing training is required to maintain a current license. At APS, we also provided continuing education training and additional training as security needs arise or new technology is introduced.

Are Your Security Guards CPR And First Aid Trained?

Yes. All our guards have successfully completed CPR and First Aid certification training and are required to keep these certifications current.

Do Security Guards Have The Authority To Make Arrests?

Part of a security guard’s training and duties is having the power to arrest those who are suspected of committee illegal acts. Typically, guards will detain the individual and then contact law enforcement for assistance.

Do Your Guards Carry Guns?

Some of our guards are licensed to carry a firearm. Not all security situations require that guards be armed. We evaluate the security needs of clients and discuss with clients whether an armed security service would be appropriate.

Do You Conduct Background Checks On Your Guards?

Yes. Part of the state licensing process requires that potential private security guards undergo and pass a criminal FBI background check. APS also checks DMV history and employment history. We check personal references and conduct drug screenings.

How Do You Determine The Right Kind Of Security Measures For Each Assignment?

Although there are often similarities in many security jobs, every assignment is different. We discuss your needs and review your site before suggesting security measures.

Are Guards Available Around The Clock?

Yes. Our guards regularly conduct patrols at retail businesses, residential communities, office buildings, outdoor sites, parking lots, warehouses and hospitals 24/7. Crime can occur at any hour of the day. Overnight hours are often when break-ins and vandalism are attempted. Our guards are always on call and available for service.

Do You Work With Local Governments And Agencies?

Yes. We regularly contract with government entities to help with patrols of parks, beaches, government buildings and other public areas.

What Type Of Security Technology Do You Use?

We use GPS devices so we can monitor, in real time, where our foot patrol guards and vehicles are located at a client’s property. To ensure that our guards are covering their scheduled rounds correctly and on time, we install small Radio Frequency-Identification (RFID) tags throughout the property. When a security guard passes a RFID location, a RFID scanner records it. This is important because it verifies that guards are where they need to be at all times.

Do You Suggest Using Security Cameras?

We believe security cameras can deter crime if their feeds are monitored continuously in real time. If one of our offsite personnel spots something suspicious on a camera feed at a client’s location, onsite guards are immediately contacted to investigate. This has far more value than reviewing security camera video after a crime is committed. By then, the criminal is long gone and the chances for arrest are reduced.

Are Your Guards Trained in Emergency Response?

Violence, accidents, natural disasters–or a pandemic–can occur at any time. When an emergency happens, the public looks to police and uniformed security guards to help them through the ordeal. Our trained guards assess the situation and do what is needed for the public safety. When evacuations are in order, our guards quickly and calmly escort the public to safety until further help arrives. When COVID-19 hit, we immediately trained our guards to provide health screenings at hospitals and medical centers, and stationed guards at retail stores, businesses and other public and private spaces to ensure the public was complying with health and safety requirements.  

How Do You Bill For Services?

Once we discuss your security needs, we develop and present a security plan and a budget based on the level of recommended service. All costs are spelled out so there are no surprises. You’ll find our prices fair and honest.

What Kind Of Training is Required To Become A Licensed Security Guard?

After passing an initial licensing exam and background check by the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services in California or the Arizona Department of Public Safety in Arizona, guards are then required to put in further hours of training. For example, California requires that guards take 32 hours of additional training within the first six months of being hired by a security guard company. Annual continuing education is also required. Armed guards must pass additional firearms training.

How Much Can A Security Guard Earn?

It varies. Hourly rates depend on the amount of needed experience, type of skills required for a particular assignment and whether the guard is armed or unarmed.

How Can I Find Out More About Being A Security Guard?

Please contact us  at 866-770-0004 or info@accesspatrolservice.com if you are interested in a career as a security guard.

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