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Construction sites are considered “soft targets” by thieves ready to steal raw materials, tools and equipment. According to the National Crime Information Center, about 10,000 large construction and agriculture equipment thefts take place each year. Countless other items are stolen daily.

There are a number of reasons why construction sites are attractive for thieves. Construction sites are a hub of activity so equipment and people are difficult to track. Many materials and equipment are left unattended. Unsecured entry points, large number of employees and vendors, multiple deliveries throughout the day and the often times large physical size of the construction site all cause significant security issues.

Having a strong security plan for such an active location is imperative. That’s where Access Patrol Services can help.

Security Plan

Commercial and large residential construction sites need comprehensive, specific, security plans. Our security team walks the site with you and talks with contractors, subcontractors and delivery companies before developing a plan that will keep out intruders and prevent theft or vandalism.

Securing the Perimeter

Perimeter fencing is a good starting point to secure a location, but much more must be done.  After-hour security guards patrol the perimeter, looking for signs of forced entry through fencing or doors. Access Patrol Services requires all our guards to check in regularly through a GPS scanning system at designated locations and times around the site. This assures clients that the entire site is being patrolled. If the security guard fails to check in at a location, a security manager immediately goes to the site to ensure the site is secured.


While theft can take place at any time of the day, most criminals attempt robberies under the cover of darkness. An abundance of lighting at the site will discourage most thieves.

Security Cameras/Signage

Mount security cameras throughout the construction site. APS security personnel monitor camera feeds 24/7 and respond immediately if a crime occurs. Add plenty of signage around the site warning that cameras are on and continuously monitored.

Security Guards

As part of APS’s construction site security services, we monitor and inspect all vehicles coming and going from the site at designated checkpoints so management can document what vehicles enter and leave. This is helpful to not only keep out unauthorized vehicles but to help pinpoint losses if it is suspected that vendors or employees are unlawfully removing items.

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