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According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), about 2 million people are victims of workplace violence every year. The 2018 National Retail Security Survey found that 30 percent of all theft occurs by dishonest employees.

A busy commercial office building or large corporation are like mini-cities—complete with employees/tenants, visitors, delivery people, vendors and property managers/owners. The activity can be so overwhelming that it can be difficult to keep track of everyone, while looking out for theft, loitering, vandalism, fire and security threats.

Peace of Mind

All those who enter an office building have the expectation that the building’s environment is secure. Our security guards at Access Patrol Services make it their purpose to meet those expectations. Uniformed guards give employees and visitors a sense of security.

Crime Deterrent

Having a uniformed guard presence onsite makes would-be criminals hesitate about acting.

Real-Time Video Surveillance

In large office spaces, guard can’t be in all places at all times. We monitor surveillance camera video feeds. If our staff spots illegal or dangerous activity, they notify onsite guards for immediate action.

Services We Provide

  • Reception desk/guest and employee check-in

  • Mobile patrols around the perimeter of the building, shipping/receiving and storage areas

  • Fire and disaster response

  • Remote security camera monitoring

  • Response to reports of trespassing, vandalism and unruly behavior

  • Evacuation lead

  • Parking security/employee and guest escort to vehicles

  • After hours security

Access Patrol Services works worth you to provide a custom security plan that fits your building’s needs and keeps it protected 24/7 in the most comprehensive yet cost-efficient manner.

Your Emergency Response Team

We work with property owners, managers and businesses to develop and communicate an emergency response plan so employees and visitors can quickly and safely evacuate. We take part in building-wide evacuation drills and other emergency training procedures so staff, employees and visitors know what to do when a serious situation arises.

In today’s environment, where commercial sites must always be on heightened alert, building owners, property managers and companies must do everything in their power to ensure a safe work environment.

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