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Security is a critical aspect of event planning. Whether the event is a festival, street fair, concert, trade show, rally or private gathering, security plays an important role to ensure guests have a safe, positive experience.

Access Patrol Services provides reliable, professional and experienced licensed security guards for events throughout California and Arizona. We understand that every event is unique and requires its own set of safety procedures—based on the event design, location and activities.

Event Security Evaluation

Successful event security starts with proper advanced planning. We listen to management and address safety concerns. We walk the location and evaluate security strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

A Team Approach

Much can happen during an event. The scenarios are endless–participants’ bad behavior, gatecrashers, vandalism, accidents, natural disasters and man-made horrors. Our security guards have seen it all. Being prepared for worst-case scenarios is only part of our security team’s service. Our security personnel maintain positive relationships with event goers and event staff. A heavy-handed presence can undermine an event’s purpose. Our guards are friendly, engaging and helpful while keeping a watchful eye on the crowd and surroundings.

Services We Provide

  • Security assessment plan

  • Security guards

  • Onsite supervisors to oversee security guards and communicate with event management

  • Entry checkpoint functions (bag inspections, metal detecting, pat downs, ID/invitation checks)

  • Perimeter patrols

  • Event rule enforcement/compliance with city security requirements

  • Parking lot security

  • Crowd control with safe exit strategies in case of an emergency

  • Medical emergency response

  • Defuse volatile situations

  • Detain and remove unruly guests or lawbreakers until law enforcement arrives

Our goal is to ensure your event is without negative instances by anticipating and preventing criminal activity or unruly behavior from occurring. If the need arises and security action must be taken, our event security staff is ready, reliable and professional.

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