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Hotels and resorts are places to relax and unwind, but unfortunately, they are vulnerable to violence, burglaries, vandalism and other offenses. Because of recent high-profile crimes, members of the hospitality industry are taking steps to better prevent criminal activity. A strong security guard component is a vital ingredient.

Access Patrol Services provides security services to hotels and resorts so guests can be assured a welcoming, safe, secure stay. We have over 25 years of hotel security experience. Our guards understand their dual role: being part of an overall security plan that protects guests, workers and property while engaging in positive customer relations.

Services We Provide

  • Security plan creation for your unique needs

  • 24/7 premises security—lobby, check-in desk, parking lot/structure, pool area, walkways, stairwells, recreational facilities, loading/unloading docks, entertainment halls, restaurants

  • Emergency drills and response, evacuation leads

  • Special event security

  • Security camera monitoring

  • Private security for high profile guests

  • Escort guests to and from parked cars, other locations

Partnering With Law Enforcement

We work with local law enforcement to keep up to date on the latest security issues facing the community where your property is located. This relationship not only enhances our security efforts for your facility, but also establishes a rapport with law enforcement that is valuable if a serious situation arises.

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Guest Engagement

Our security guards engage with guests in a friendly, helpful manner. Positive guest relations help deter crime by letting would-be criminals know in a subtle way that they are being watched.

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