Gunmen were responsible for robbing as many as six 7-Eleven stores, killing two and wounding three people in the overnight hours in Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange counties. These tragic actions show an urgent need for security guards at convenience stores, especially at night.

Most convenience stores that are open 24 hours a day have only one employee working the night shift. This makes them easy targets for robbers looking to grab cash and go. Unfortunately, violence towards employees and customers can also result. Criminals know that there is little foot traffic to worry about. The cover of darkness with few people around are the ideal conditions for illegal activity.

Security Guards Can Make A Difference. When a security guard is present, the dynamics change. The lone employee is no longer as vulnerable. Would-be robbers see a trained, sometimes armed, security guard they must now get past. Most times, the risks aren’t worth it.

If criminals still decide to go through with a robbery, the guard can detain them until police arrive.

With assaults and robberies up across California and Arizona, convenience store owners must take security steps to ensure that employees and property are protected.

One of the top retail security guard firms in California and Arizona is Access Patrol Services. Access Patrol Services has over 25 years of security experience with fully licensed armed and unarmed guards.

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