Apartment Complex Security Guards in California and Arizona


Luxury apartments and condominiums are big targets for crime. Once inside, criminals can ransack a unit in a matter of minutes, stealing valuable items–and leaving tenants shaken and feeling vulnerable.

In a world where criminals have become bolder and crimes more violent, Access Patrol Services (APS) provides the safety and security your tenants demand.

APS apartment complex security guards in California and Arizona monitor entrances and secure the lobby and elevator access. They greet tenants and ring in guests.

Guards also patrol the building perimeter and parking structures. They often escort tenants and guests to their cars for added protection.

Another important function of apartment and condominium security guards is to review security camera feeds coming from cameras located throughout the property. If guards see illegal or suspicious activity, they investigate, and when necessary, notify police immediately.

Take steps now to protect your tenants and your property. Access Patrol Services provides security services for apartments and condominiums in California and Arizona. Contact APS at 866-770-0004 or go to https://accesspatrolservice.com to schedule a property security evaluation.

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