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Why APS is regarded as the Best Security Service Provider?

With the rise in crime rate, security companies are booming extensively. But the real challenge is to select the genuine provider out of those companies. Presently, there are innumerable providers that claim to offer authentic security services but fail to deliver the same when the time comes. Therefore, before you decide on any provider for availing of security services, make sure you conduct thorough due diligence. For instance, you must verify the company’s policies and procedures, years of experience, level of professionalism, rate of adaptation to technology, and commitment to client satisfaction. However, if you don’t want to get into complications then simply choose a vintage security guard company like Access Patrol Services (ASP) for getting highly professional unarmed and armed security guard services in San Diego.

For 50 years, Access Patrol Services (APS) has made its mark in the security industry due to its relentless commitment to delivering the best security service to clients. The company highly focuses on rendering services assorted with hi-tech technology. It believes that without the implementation of the right technologies, it is impossible to cater top-class security services to clients. Therefore, apart from skilled and trained security guards, APS also provides security services utilizing advanced gadgets or technologies.

Top 7 reasons to hire APS

  • Qualified and trained security guards: While hiring security guards, APS ensures that the guards are certified under the Bureau of Security Investigative Services (BSIS) and possess a minimum of 1 year of experience in providing security services. Besides, on a routine basis training session are conducted for the guards to keep them efficient, robust, and professional. The training sessions often include physical strength enhancement, intellect enhancement programs, crowd control management, etc. Hence, the guards are trained enough to handle even the most critical situation in an adept manner. In fact, the guards are trained in such a manner that they are capable of identifying impending threats immediately. Thus, they possess the ability to make quick decisions in times of need.
  • Customized service: More than 90 percent of clients demand customized security services. This is because different clients have a different set of security requirements. And, APS puts extra effort to analyze each and every security requirement of clients so that they can deliver the best possible client-specific service. For instance – if the client demands more armed security guards instead of unarmed ones or more of foot patrol, service instead of vehicle patrol service, APS executes the request within a short span of time. Hence, APS is the most reliable source to depend upon for availing of both unarmed/armed security guard services in San Diego.
  • Adaptation to new technologies: APS is a highly tech savvy firm and loves to incorporate new technologies and techniques to improvise service quality.  For instance – the GPS monitoring system is extensively used to monitor real-time activities of the onsite guards and other suspicious activities. Apart from this, CCTV cameras, RFID tags, radio transmitters, scanning machines, metal detectors, mobile devices, automatic sanitizers, infrared thermometers, flashlights, etc are some of the latest gadgets used by the guards to provide errorless security service to clients.
  • 24/7 service availability: Since APS focuses on providing clients with a sense of protection. APS offers a 24-hour security service facility to address or meet the urgent security needs of the clients. The guards are trained extensively to provide highly vigilant and professional security service during their duty hours. APS deploys security guards on a shift basis to provide clients with maximum protection. Honestly, APS is a customer-oriented company that values the time and needs of clients. Therefore, choosing APS means choosing the best unarmed and armed security guard services in San Diego.
  • Patrolling: APS highly recognizes the importance of patrolling in security services. Therefore, APS offers both foot patrol and vehicle patrol services to provide maximum protection to clients. The fact is patrolling service is highly essential for providing robust protection to any place or premises. It helps the guards to diffuse suspicious activities in the client’s premises Therefore, prevents crime from occurring in the client’s area.
  • Unique Strategy: The most striking aspect of APS is, it follows a unique approach while rendering security service. For instance – before providing security services to any premises, the APS security specialist first scrutinizes the entire perimeter of the client’s premises and thereafter formulates a robust security model so that an accurate security solution is provided to the client. The specialist of APS enlist the number of security guards to the assigned premise and also chalks out the right proportion of armed, unarmed, static, and mobile guards needed for the location.
  • Cost-effective: APS provides services at reasonable rates without compromising security service quality.  They try to deliver the best possible services at a reasonable cost for those seeking premium quality unarmed/armed security guard services in San Diego.

 Motto of APS:

The main motto of APS is to provide highly professional security service to clients at a reasonable rate. For this reason, APS trains their security guards intensely and also picks only certified guards to deploy at the client site. Besides, APS not only focuses on acquiring new clients but also tries to retain existing clients. Needless to mention, APS has over 50 years of experience in the security service domain and so clients can blindly expect highly professional security service from APS.  So if you want the best unarmed and armed security guard services in San Diego, then get in touch with APS ASAP.

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