Need for personal protection emerges with the rise in crime numbers

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Need for personal protection emerges with the rise in crime numbers2022-06-14T05:01:20+00:00

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Irrefutably, now we all are living in a constant state of panic. With COVID -19 outbreak, the need for personal protection has been a dominant aspect in recent times. Although, it is not just the virus but also the rise is crime numbers amid this pandemic. If you verify the statistics, then you would be shocked to know that during this pandemic there has been a drastic surge in thefts, burglaries, murders and vandalisms. Hence, it is prevalent that convicts are taking undue advantage of the crisis situation. Vacant roads, wearing mask, empty buildings and less security surveillance has actually provided them the right occasion to execute their devious motives. Therefore, it is essential that one should think about proper protection from such crimes by employing professional security service.
Access Patrol Service (APS) is a security guard company in Garey that has an experience of around 50 years in the security service domain. Hence, owing to this experience the organization has special abilities to cognizes the specific security needs and requirements of the clients.
Our company maintains a very unique approach to provide a service that is beyond expectations. For instance – the security experts of APS calculates the risk percentage of the assigned area before deploying security guards to the place. If the area is analyzed as too risky then they immediately add more robust security system and guards to ensure total protection of the residence or the client.
Needless to say, all our armed security guards as well as unarmed guards are BSIS certified and are meticulously trained. They are imparted with various techniques and forms that enhance their present capabilities to sense, deter and fight any security threat. Therefore, one can completely trust our services that are rendered in a highly professional way.
We don’t compromise on the clients’ safety at all. Hence, APS provides round the clock service i.e., 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The emergency security need is catered to the client immediately at any time of the day. Moreover, 24 hour vehicle patrol service is also available that provides total protection to any looming danger that may affect the safety of the client.
Also, to keep on providing unparalleled service to the clients, the organization upgrades its technologies with time. Hence, you would always find our guards to be well proficient with new technologies to provide errorless service. Usage of radio transmitter, biometrics, metal detector, mobile devices, CCTV cameras, flashlights are some of the technologies that are used by our security guards.
Another crucial point is that we highly thrive for customer satisfaction. This compels the organization to provide the best of services to the clients as the company understands the value of consistent goodwill. Hence, customized services are provided to the client to ensure every need and requirement of the customer is addressed. For instance – the client can request for any change or modification in the security plan. If the customer wants more of armed security guards Garey than unarmed guards, then it would immediately be executed within a very short span of time.
Hence, if you are looking for a professional security guard company in Garey, for complete protection then calls us.
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