According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 1.1 million security guards in the United States. While security guards work diligently to keep people and property secure, guards and police officers can’t be everywhere. Here are security basics we should all follow.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings. More and more of us have our heads buried in our cell phones as we go about our day. And if we aren’t on our phones, we’re thinking about who we’re going to text, message or call. Using cell phones, especially with headphones, is a distraction and being distracted means we’re not paying attention to what’s going on around us. It makes us easy marks for robbers looking to make a quick grab of a purse or shopping bag, or worse, for an assailant who wants to cause physical harm. Put the phone away while walking, especially at night or in an unfamiliar place. By noticing the people and conditions around you, you’ll do much to keep yourself safe and from being a crime victim.

Park In Well-Lit Areas And Close To Entrances At Night. Park in well-lit parking lots and garages. Select a parking spot in a busy area, not in an isolated location. Park where you can easily view the people around you as you get in and out of your car. Before returning to your vehicle, put your keys in your hand. If you have a personal alarm button, have that ready too. Walk with confidence and make eye contact with those near you. Don’t hesitate to ask a parking lot security guard to escort you to your car (day or night). It’s part of the services provided by security guard companies.

Don’t Talk To Strangers. It’s something we tell our kids, but it also applies to adults. There are con artists out there claiming they lost their wallet and need cash, or others who want to engage in a conversation with the intent of assaulting or stealing from you. If you’re approached by a suspicious character, walk away briskly. Look for a safe location, a security guard or police officer. If driving and stopped at a light and someone approaches your car, lock your doors (they should be locked anyway) and don’t roll down your window.

It’s human nature to be trusting, but in the world we live in, many people are intent on doing others harm. Stay alert.

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