The Fourth of July is almost here. With it comes illegal fireworks, expect them to light up the sky in cities throughout California and Arizona. Fire watch security guards can help protect businesses and residential areas from major damage in case an ember from one of these fireworks lands nearby.

A Big Problem Gets Bigger. Illegal fireworks and their threat of igniting fires have always been a problem, but now, while in a historic drought, the problem is worse. With bone-dry brush everywhere and windy conditions, a small fire can quickly grow.

Security guards, trained in fire safety, patrol locations in high-fire areas. If a fire is detected, they quickly call the fire department and take steps to extinguish the fire. If necessary, they escort people to safety. Guards are also proactive. If they see individuals attempting to set off fireworks they’ll intervene. When it comes to fires, second counts. A guard on duty can make the difference between containing a small fire to one mushrooming into a destructive blaze.

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