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The pandemic has left us devastated with its severe impact. But gradually we are able to cope with the current situation by taking proper precautionary measures. Now, almost every departmental store, shopping malls and offices have started to re-open. Therefore, if you are also buckling up to reopen your office or business, then there are few crucial steps that you should pay attention before you reopen your office.
Since security guards are the first point of contact when the employees or visitors’ step into the office premises, the need of the hour is to hire professional security guards who are highly trained to render accurate service in this critical pandemic time. The guards should enforce social distancing norms and should thoroughly check the body temperature of every employee entering the office on a regular basis. Also, the guards must not allow anyone to enter the office premises without undergoing the sanitization process to ensure total safety and security of the office. Moreover, mask wearing mandate should also be enforced to all the employees. All these points should be religiously checked by the security guards to avoid contamination of COVID -19.
Besides enforcing safety measures in the office, professional security guards are also responsible for monitoring suspicious activities in the office. They should keep a close check on the visitors and monitor their activities vigilantly. Most often confidential data are stolen easily from office by manipulative minds due to the poor surveillance system, causing a huge loss to the company. Hence, professional surveillance system and personnel should be hired or present in an office to deter any sort of crimes.
Access Patrol Service (APS) is an eminent professional security guard company in Keene & Kernville, CA that provides robust security guards to every industry and sector. The organisation caters to each and every security need of the client with extreme diligence, ensuring high quality deliverance. All the deployed APS guards on the sites are BSIS certified. Moreover, both the unarmed and armed security guards are provided with intense training session regarding the modern techniques and methodologies to provide errorless and efficient service.
Therefore, the guards are well proficient to utilize latest technologies pertaining to security services. CCTV cameras, GPS monitoring system, radio transmitters, infra-red thermometer, automatic sanitizing machine, metal detectors are some of the technologies APS guards uses to provide exquisite service. Also, thorough quality check of the guards is done rigorously by the organisation, until and unless the guards pass all the parameters to provide flawless service to the clients, APS does not deploy them to the site. So, when APS service is employed, one can be rest assured that only highly professional service is going to be delivered.
Moreover, all the unarmed and armed security guards provide 24-hour service facility to render uninterrupted security service to the clients. Customized solution is another aspect that the customer can freely demand for. The client can request and incorporate changes in the existing plan at any point of time. Furthermore, the customer can also cancel the contract anytime if not satisfied with the service. Therefore, If you are looking for a reliable security guard company in Keene & Kernville, CA then contact us. We promise to deliver the best security service at a reasonable rate.
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