Big box warehouse stores are having to adopt to the ever-changing security issues as a result of COVID-19. Although the hysteria over hard-to-find goods seems to have passed (at least for now), security guards at warehouse stores must make sure that all safety and health guidelines are being properly enforced.

Retail Grocery Store Security. Costco security and safety measures have tightened as stricter health mandates at local, state and national levels have taken effect. Other warehouse stores such as Walmart and Smart & Final have done the same. Costco now only allows two people to enter the store per membership card. Only those 60 and older can shop from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., Tuesday through Thursday.

Costco has placed purchase limit restrictions on high demand merchandise and will no longer accept returns of toilet paper, bottled water, sanitizing wipes and other items that grabbed up during the initial surge of panic buying.

Ensuring that shoppers abide by these new rules often falls on the shoulders of retail security guards.

Retail grocery security guards arrive at stores well before opening, ensuring that those lining up to enter are at least six feet apart and appear to be in the right demographic when age is a requirement for entry. They are on the front line, answering questions from often worried and anxious shoppers. These guards have also been trained to look for ill customers so they can be gently isolated them from other shoppers.

Inside stores and where necessary, guards remind shoppers to keep their proper distance from one another. They are often stationed at checkouts to make sure shoppers are only purchasing the allotted amount of high-demand merchandise. They also monitor employees to see if they are following store safety procedures (i.e., cleaning checkout counters, doors, shelving—anything that is often touched by customers or employees). And of course, retail security guards must be on the alert for shoplifters.


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