The recent violence against students on college campuses is increasing the demand for more campus security personnel.

More Eyes and Eyes. A 2022 survey by Inside Higher Ed found that college students want more visible security including security guards, well-lit walkways and more mental help support for students.

College campus security guards perform many key functions. They patrol the school campus looking for suspicious individuals and activity. They check stairwells, public bathrooms, hallways and other areas, enforcing school regulations and maintaining safety. Guards perform access control duties to ensure those entering the campus, dorm rooms, classrooms, libraries and event centers are authorized. And, they lead evacuations during emergencies.

Criminals see college students as easy targets. While security guards won’t stop all crime on campus, they act as a powerful deterrent.

Access Patrol Services is a bonded and experienced security guard company that provides college campus security services in California and Arizona. All security guards are licensed and can be armed or unarmed.

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