Department of Homeland Security Issues Guide on Faith-Based Security

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The Department of Homeland Security released a guide to help churches, synagogues, mosques and other places of worship be safe from those intent on harming worshippers or damaging property. The need for enhanced faith-based security including security guards has never been greater. Key Points The guide suggests to take these actions: --Conduct a risk assessment [...]

Targeted By Violent Takeovers, Malls Increase Security Guard Patrols

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Malls have always had to address bad behavior by teens—fights and shoplifting top the list. Now, mall owners need to add violent takeovers by hundreds of teens intent on creating chaos. The number of mall security guards is increasing to help stop these takeovers from happening. Takeover Prevention. Postings on social media announce a mall [...]

Catch Criminals In The Act With Real-Time Video Surveillance Monitoring

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We’ve all seen news reports of criminals breaking in and ransacking stores, homes and office buildings. By the time the video is viewed and the police arrive, the thieves are long gone. The most efficient use of video surveillance is when its feed is monitored 24/7. Link Video Coverage With In-Person Security. Video surveillance feeds [...]

Calls For More Security On Campus

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The recent violence against students on college campuses is increasing the demand for more campus security personnel. More Eyes and Eyes. A 2022 survey by Inside Higher Ed found that college students want more visible security including security guards, well-lit walkways and more mental help support for students. College campus security guards perform many key [...]

Security Guards Offer Best Protection Against Growing Retail Theft

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Retail theft and violent crime are taking a toll on retailers according to a 2023 Retail Security Survey by the National Retail Federation. Forty-five percent of those surveyed reduced their operating hours, 30 percent decreased or altered in-store product selections and 28 percent closed specific store locations because of increased theft and violence. A growing [...]

Security Guard Night Shift Duties

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According to an study, commercial burglaries usually occur at night or after regular business hours. Thieves quickly get in through doors or windows and leave before police arrive. Overnight security guards can prevent most of these break-ins. Targeted Items. Commonly stolen goods include those that are easy to grab and carry, jewelry or other [...]

Parking Security Is Crucial During Winter Months

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Shorter winter days mean shoppers and workers often leave or return to their cars in the dark. The cover of darkness emboldens criminals to act. It’s up to those managing parking lots and garages to ensure parking security measures are in place. Safety Concerns. Personal safety is top-of-mind. People feel vulnerable. Knowing that security guards [...]

Wishing You A Happy and Safe 2024

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As we look ahead to a New Year, Access Patrol Services wishes all a happy and safe holiday season. Thank you for putting your trust in our security guard company during this challenging year. While on the job, our guards see hardworking frontline workers every day—at hospitals, grocery stores and other locations. We see their [...]

Security Plan For Your Construction Site

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According to the National Equipment Register, construction site theft costs the construction industry up to $1 billion a year. Implementing a security plan for your construction site is essential. A thorough plan includes onsite security guards and real-time surveillance cameras. Site Theft. Construction sites have always been attractive targets for thieves for several reasons. Expensive [...]

Retailers On High Security Alert As Holiday Shopping Season Begins

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Great deals and lots of merchandise attract holiday shoppers to stores and malls between now and the end of the year. This time of year also appeals to shoplifters and organized retail theft rings. While state and local police and governments are trying to curb retail theft, it is ultimately up to store owners to [...]