Construction Site Theft: A $1 Billion Problem

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Thieves take as much as $1 billion in property from construction sites each year. Construction site security guards are one way to cut down on theft. What Thieves Take. According to Great American Insurance Company, the most common items that thieves target are copper wire and scrap metal, tools, generators, doors and windows, plumbing supplies [...]

Upscale Gated Community Hires Security Guards to Help Stop Break-ins and Stalkers

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Hidden Hills, the gated community home to celebrities such as the Kardashians, recently implemented a number of security measures including hiring more security guards and installing additional security cameras to stop break-ins and stalkers. The added security guards and cameras are working--with reports that the number of trespassers and break-ins is now at zero. Security [...]

Security Top Priority As New School Year Begins

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Schools are on security alert as a new school year begins. School shootings and overall violence in an around schools have left a mark. Officials are implementing more school security measures including hiring additional security guards to patrol school entrances, parking lots and school perimeters. The Arizona Department of Education now requires at least one [...]

Security Guards Patrol Parking Areas, Help Stop Catalytic Converter Thefts

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  More than 155,000 catalytic converters were stolen in 2022 according to Carfax. Catalytic converters contain precious metals that help filter out harmful elements from your engine’s exhaust. Thieves steal the converters to either sell them on the black market or melt down the precious metal contained in the converters and sell the metals. Parking [...]

Home Depot To Add More Security Guards To Reduce Organized Crime Ring Activity

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  Home Depot CEO Ted Decker recently announced that the company would invest in more store security guards to stem organized retail crime theft and violence. Decker calls the problem an epidemic. Employees At Risk. Two Home Depot employees recently lost their lives after trying to stop thieves from leaving the store. Employees shouldn’t be [...]

Fourth of July: Most Fires in One Day Across the U.S., Fire Security Needed

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According to the National Fire Protection Association, 12,264 fires in 2021 were started by fireworks in the U.S. causing $59 million in property damage. The Fourth of July and the days immediately before and after the holiday are the times when fire risk is at its highest. A strong fire watch security guard presence can [...]

Storage Facilities Are Latest Target For Thieves; Security Guards Can Prevent Break-Ins

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People place prized possessions in storage units, expecting the storage facility to take proper steps to keep their property safe. That’s not always the case. Recently, two men ransacked 32 storage units at a facility in Irvine, taking thousands of dollars’ worth of valuables. Police say the robbers took their time, spending two hours choosing [...]

Houses of Worship Around The Country Are Adding Security

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Houses of worship around the country are adding security guards and other security measures to keep their congregations safe. All Faiths Seeking Security Help. Just about every faith has been affected by violence or vandalism. FBI hate crime statistics show that in 2021, 1,590 hate crimes relating to religion were reported. Of those, the majority [...]

Another Security Guard Hero

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A San Rafael, California bank security guard is a hero after stopping a carjacking in a shopping center. The guard subdued the carjacker, placed him in handcuffs and alerted police. Because of the security guard’s quick thinking, a criminal is now behind bars. Training Is Critical. Most of the day-to-day duties of security guards are [...]

Restaurant Burglaries: A Regular Occurrence

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For 10 restaurants in Glendale, California, a burglary spree during one recent evening left behind damaged and lost property and plenty of frustration. Many of the restaurants had been broken into several times before. One option to help prevent these types of break-ins is to enlist the services of restaurant security guards. Restaurant Break-ins Are [...]