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While many of us perceive cemeteries to be scary due to supernatural phenomena such as demonic possession, ghost and ghouls but in reality, the story is different. Since cemeteries are accessible by all, chances of human crimes such as vandalism and theft are high. We have this mistaken belief that a cemetery doesn’t have much to protect. And, often leave these grounds unprotected. However, headstones, gravestones, lights, flowers, and valuables of the deceased are stolen frequently from the cemeteries. So, it is essential for cemetery authorities to ensure these premises have strong security protection to deter crimes from occurring on these premises.

Access Patrol Services (APS) is a professional security protector of high-risk areas like cemeteries or graveyards. The company has over 26 years of experience in the security field and thus holds the expertise to address security concerns of any type of the premise. Also, being a process-driven firm, we chalk out a comprehensive security plan before rendering security service to any premise.  For this reason, we send our experts for site verification to ensure all the critical spots are identified, marked and included in the security model.

We conduct background verification of each and every security guard before hiring them. Therefore, our guards are carefully tested, vetted and then include in our teams.  So, you can be 100 % sure only professional and BSIS certified security guards will be deployed for rendering absolute cemetery security service in Detroit.  Besides, we keep imparting to them new techniques and methodologies to address the security challenges of the current time.  For this reason, we arrange training for them on a frequent basis. Presently, rapid decision-making programs, intellect development programs, power drills, first responder awareness programs and many more are provided to our guards to keep their existing skills intact.

Also, we provide our guards with hi-end technologies such as CCTV cameras, flashlights, GPS monitoring systems, radio transmitters and many more to ensure seamless security protection of the assigned site. We are now ranked as the top security guard company in Detroit, MI.

Besides, to keep nonstop surveillance, our guards persistently patrol the premise to discard unusual or suspicious activities. Honestly, our guards are trained to identify potential threats and thus can take action to defuse the same.

Needless to mention, we also offer customized services to ensure all the needs and preferences of the cemetery authorities are implemented. Therefore, if you are searching for a resilient security guard company in Detroit, MI for absolute cemetery security service then, do get in touch with APS.

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