Research by the Harvard Business Review found that when retail stores and restaurants close, property crime around the shuttered establishments goes up. The number of thefts from vehicles also rise. With so many stores and restaurants closed during the pandemic, adding security guards on and adjacent to these properties makes sense.

The Harvard study showed that restaurant and store foot traffic discourages crime. Without shoppers and restaurant-goers, criminals are emboldened to steal and vandalize, believing they can get away with their criminal behavior unseen.

Security Guards Deter Theft. Security guards assigned to patrol shopping centers and strip malls where stores or restaurants are closed make it a point to make themselves known. When criminals spot a security presence, the location is no longer an attractive target.

If criminals still attempt a break-in, security guards are on scene and quickly respond. Without on-scene security guards, a break-in could occur before anyone notices and the chances of apprehending the criminals are greatly reduced.

Offsite Monitoring. In addition to onsite guards, some security guard companies such as Access Patrol Services provide offsite-monitoring. Security cameras on a property transmit video feeds in real time to offsite security personnel. The feeds are monitored 24/7. If suspicious activity is spotted on a feed, onsite security personnel are notified and respond immediately.

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