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Construction security Guards in Garden Grove

Security guards diligently protect all enterprises and commercial premises. However, it’s also your responsibility to ensure they’re performing their duties correctly. Excellent guards are always alert and equipped.

Access Patrol Services experts say standardized tests often fail to evaluate the level of security at construction sites.

Want to assess how well your Construction security Guards in Garden Grove are performing? Check these pointers below:

Arrive ahead of schedule

When employees are aware of being watched, they are more inclined to perform harder and more efficiently. So now and then, show up ahead of schedule to check on the security guards at the construction site. This will let you determine whether they just put out their best effort when they know you are nearby.

Talk it over

Don’t just say “hello” to the security guard. As you enter or leave, interrogate them. Check-in on patrols and inquire about recent events. This will compel them to be vigilant and spot any areas they need to improve. Ask the guard about their life or engage in some small talk. They’ll appreciate you more if you express a little humanity, which will raise their spirits and productivity.

Check at night

When nobody is often on-site in the evenings, it is instrumental to have security guards patrolling the construction site. Unfortunately, this is exactly when some guards tend to ignore their responsibilities. Check the security of your work site between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. You’ll be able to tell whether they’re acting up. Since the guards won’t be informed of your arrival, they’ll be less inclined to act irresponsibly or try to shrink their tasks.

Look for the presence of comfort

One of the worst mistakes a security staff can make is sleeping while on duty. So, look around your construction site for questionable items that reflect comfort/sleep. Other warning indications include anything that can be used as a cushion (such as rolled-up shirts or jackets), skipped nighttime patrols, dimmed lighting, and lethargic or sleepy guards when you arrive unexpectedly at night.

Use video surveillance technology

Not only will video surveillance support the security staff on your building site, but it will also help to maintain their integrity. To monitor your security guard’s performance, deploy surveillance equipment.

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