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Why Is There a Need for Construction Site Security?

Under Construction, Under Protection

Construction sites contain lots of raw materials. This scrap metal and electrical wiring can fetch a fair price on the black market. Beyond that, equipment, from power tools to complex architectural computer systems, often live on-site during the duration of the building. Construction is a business with razor thin margins, and a significant theft can not only cost companies the goods stolen, but the time to replace them. Construction site security is an obvious necessity on any large scale project.

Insurance Demands Construction Site Security

Laws require that all construction sites have insurance, and most insurance companies require construction site security personnel to be on hand. Many states and cities have laws requiring sites to have fire safety personnel onsite. Security companies make sure to staff professionals who are trained in fire safety so that the economically minded construction company can meet their fire safety and security requirements through a single company.

Vandalism Threatens the Budget and Reputation of Construction Companies

The sight of graffiti on unfinished buildings is common, with construction sites often acting as a high profile target for taggers and other vandals. Unfortunately, cleanup can cause delays in construction and damage the reputation of the company. Construction site security effectively prevents these sorts of crimes. 

Construction site security helps companies fulfill their legal and contractual obligations to their insurance company while protecting sites from equipment loss and vandalism.

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