A grid shutdown means no automated security. Get armed guards to protect your business during downtime.

Grid Shutdown Security: What You Should Know

Planning for a grid shutdown involves a lot of factors. Business owners have to rearrange so many different facets of their business and there are a lot of operational hurdles to overcome. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for security concerns to go by the wayside. This should be one of your primary concerns, however, because when the grid goes down, your electronics and technology aren’t going to do much of anything. In fact, even when they’re in working order, some people just aren’t deterred by electronic monitoring solutions. Protecting your property, and your assets, with a physical security team might be a much better choice than sticking to electronic monitoring alone.

How Long Will They Last?

Grid shutdowns are designed to help lighten the load on the power grid. Some are scheduled for hours, while others might be scheduled for a day or more. Of course, you also can’t really count on schedules because there are always stipulations and things that could come up that keep you in the dark even longer. The best thing that you can do is plan for the worst and hope for the best. That includes acquiring the right security solutions for when the power grid goes down.

Physical vs. Virtual Surveillance

Security and monitoring have come a long way. Today’s technology offers so much protection for your business and so many companies include things like alarm systems, keyless entry systems, and video surveillance as a part of everyday security. Unfortunately, these systems aren’t perfect on their own and can always benefit from an upgrade. Adding a physical set of eyes is the biggest and best upgrade that you can make, because it will give you someone to rely on to watch over your business, even when your electronic systems aren’t getting the job done.
Physical security gives immediate protection because of the mere presence. Most criminals and vandals are only going to strike where they will be least likely to get caught. If you have security on patrol, they’re going to find somewhere else to cause trouble because they won’t be able to get away with it on your property.

Hire Guards for Any Industry

The great thing about physical security is that guards are available for almost any industry and business need. Guards can provide basic patrols for offices, industrial buildings, commercial spaces, and more. They will be your eyes and ears on the ground, making sure that your business comes out of each grid shutdown unscathed, regardless of whether it’s planned or an unscheduled emergency outage of some kind. Guards can even offer assistance with emergency evacuation plans, giving you plenty of benefits to increasing your security.

Contact Access Patrol Services to learn more about grid shutdown security solutions and how our team can help. We know the value of having physical protection during times of electrical failure and we can give any business the protection that it needs. Reach us at 866-770-0004 for  guards services in California and Arizona or click on https://accesspatrolservice.com.

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