For most small business owners, securing their retail or office space is not a top priority—until a break-in occurs. By then, it’s too late. Small business owners need a security plan for their space to prevent criminal activity.

Create A Security Plan. Small business owners aren’t security experts. A security company, with experience in retail and commercial businesses, can help determine a business’ security needs.

The security firm meets with the business owner or manager on site to learn about the business, review current security measures and look for security weak points. The security company staff will also ask about security concerns—has the site been burglarized, have disgruntled workers been recently fired? What is crime like in the area?

From there, the security firm will provide a security analysis and recommendations. Every site is unique. Car break-ins may be occurring frequently in parking areas. Employees may be stealing money, equipment or inventory. Shoplifters may be taking off with expensive items.

Access Patrol Services (APS) has over 25 years in the security business, protecting property and people with fully licensed armed and unarmed guards. APS is insured and bonded for up to $1 million.

Our representatives can meet with you, listen to your security concerns and evaluate current security measures and the property. We’ll develop a security plan and then review the plan and budget with you. If approved, we can begin security surveillance and patrols immediately.

For more information about a free security evaluation in California or Arizona, call Access Patrol Services at 866-770-0004 or click on


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