Hospitals have been battling the COVID-19 crisis for over a month. Part of the challenge is to ensure that all those who enter hospital property are not exposed to the virus, and those exhibiting symptoms are promptly quarantined. Hospital security guards are often the first to come in contact with the sick and their families. Guards are now being stationed outside emergency rooms with nursing staff to support the screening process.

Health Clinic Security. California and Arizona health clinics are also feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. More than 400,000 patients a year visit health clinics in Los Angeles County alone. Many of these clinics have set up tents outside their building to separate and test those who appear to have COVID-19 symptoms from visitors needing routine treatment. Health clinic security guards are in place on the frontline at these locations to insure this process runs smoothly and patients remain calm.

Uniformed security guards offer health care security that not only helps control the surge of patients, but also allows hospital staff to maintain medical protocols so all patients receive the proper care.

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