Prevalence of car thefts amid pandemic demands for more parking lot security guards

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Prevalence of car thefts amid pandemic demands for more parking lot security guards2020-09-10T07:59:30+00:00

In a parking lot you must have noticed that for protecting hundreds of vehicle there are hardly 3 to 4 parking lot security guard Artesia. Hence, most often parking areas are exposed to thefts and vandalisms due to poor security surveillance. It is also a fact that many car thefts occur mostly from parking lots which have minimal number of security guards.
Another shocking fact is car thefts have surged drastically amid the global pandemic. Can you believe 24,850 vehicles were reported to be stolen in Los Angeles during the first six months of the year? This accounts for around 22 percent increase of car thefts compared to the last year.
These incidents may be frequently occurring due to the predictable security service. Most often convicts are aware of the location of the security guards in the parking lot, making it easier for them to execute their crimes easily. However, convicts not always target to steal a whole car but mostly set their eyes on the expensive parts of the vehicle. Therefore, it is essential to allocate or hire more skilled security guards in the parking lot to ensure maximum protection.
Access Patrol Service (APS) is a security guard company in Artesia that provides highly skilled and BSIS certified security guards to ensure total protection of the assigned area. Our security guards are vigorously trained before being deployed to any parking sites. Additionally, they are even imparted with wide knowledge about the area where they are going to be placed.
APS is also highly dependable on latest technologies apart from skilled security personnel to provide service without errors. Hence, the organization utilizes technologies in a proficient manner. For instance – APS position CCTV cameras in such a way that would help the security guards to monitor even the critical points of the parking lots. Thereby, it helps the security guards to monitor the parking area properly to deter any crime. However, if any suspicious activities are caught on the CCTV, immediately the guards are made alert by using radio transmitter to check on the suspicious activities and to prevent the crime from occurring.
Moreover, the parking lot security guards also patrol the entire parking area frequently, to provide thorough surveillance. Hence, our guards are not only vigilant but also super active to ensure total safety of the area. Also, APS provides customized service facility; hence if any client wants a change in security plan then the requirement is met on an urgent basis. For instance – if the client wants to increase more number of security guards or wants more of armed guards, APS provides the same without any delay.
Therefore, if you are searching for professional security guard companies in Artesia then call us. We provide guaranteed customer satisfaction.
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