Shorter winter days mean shoppers and workers often leave or return to their cars in the dark. The cover of darkness emboldens criminals to act. It’s up to those managing parking lots and garages to ensure parking security measures are in place.

Safety Concerns. Personal safety is top-of-mind. People feel vulnerable. Knowing that security guards are patrolling parking lots and garages during hours when the sun is down helps reduce anxiety levels. More people are likely to shop and go to restaurants and events when they feel secure about where they park. Employees feel the same coming to and leaving work.

Guards patrol the parking lot/structure either on foot or in vehicles. Other guards are stationed at entrances, ready to escort people to their vehicles when asked. Guards look for suspicious activity such as loitering and aggressive behavior.

Access Patrol Services is a bonded and experienced security guard company that provides parking security and enforcement in California and Arizona. All security guards are licensed and can be armed or unarmed.

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