Planning for a summer festival starts early. Security needs to take center stage when working out the details for an outdoor event. Using the services of an experienced festival security guard company is critical.

Festivals Are Returning. Many festivals had been canceled for several years due to the pandemic. While organizers may have tried to get away with a smaller security staff in previous years, they understand now that security is just as vital to the success of the event as the entertainment and other festival activities.

Guards should be stationed at all festival entrances. If bags and purses are allowed, they need to be checked before festival-goers can enter. Organizers should consider wan screenings to detect weapons and other banned items. Guards must be placed within the festival, monitoring crowd behavior. If alcohol is served, a guard should be stationed at serving locations so that no one continues to purchase drinks when inebriated.

If someone is planning to cause serious trouble, they usually attempt to enter where no one is watching. Guards must continually monitor the perimeter of the festival grounds. If hills or high areas surround the festival, guards need to be in those areas as well to ensure no one can do harm from above.

Access Patrol Services is a bonded and experienced security guard company that provides event security in California and Arizona. All our security guards are licensed and can be armed or unarmed. We walk the festival property, assess the security risk and provide a security plan designed to keep festival-goers safe.

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