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Are you constantly worried about your safety and security? Or do you often get confused about which company to rely on for professional security service?

Then, look no further, Access Patrol Services (APS) is one of the trustworthy providers in Downey & Norwalk which you can utterly rely on for receiving highly professional security services.  To provide highest standard of protection, the company deploys only BSIS certified unarmed and armed security guards t o the clients. Given below are some of the qualities a security guard must possess:

  1. Perception

An effective security officer is always on guard and conscious of his surroundings. Unobservant officers could easily miss something that endangers life or fail to catch a thief or criminal in the act. So, it is advisable that you hire security guards from a reputable security firm that employs only BSIS certified guards.

  1. Sincerity

An honest security guard is essential. They are in charge of controlling access to buildings and safeguarding a company against theft and other criminal activity. A dishonest security officer could steal or endanger the business. To ensure that its security guards have no criminal histories or unethical behavior, security companies must do rigorous background checks on them.

  1. Fitness Level

A professional security guard ought to maintain a healthy weight and engage in regular exercise. It’s possible that a guard who isn’t fit won’t be able to do their job well. Mental attentiveness is correlated with physical fitness. The officer must have a tidy, professional appearance, wearing a clean uniform with their shirt tucked in. A security guard should present oneself and the client in a professional manner by dressing neatly. Relations with the public are prioritized in terms of security. At all times, the officer must act politely and professionally.

  1. Strong Communication Techniques

Effective verbal and written communication is qualities that a good security guard should possess. Communication that is polite and clear can make the difference in how successfully a challenging situation is handled. Also, communication enables the security officer to precisely and thoroughly record each and every significant incident as well as the facility’s condition at the end of their shift.

So, if you are searching for a top-rated security guard company in Downey & Norwalk, CA, then look no further

We, APS have been in the security service domain for more than 25 years. We offer only BSIS certified and experienced guards to our clients. The fact is, our ability to meet the integrated and accurate security needs of the client has made us the most preferred security guard company in Downey & Norwalk, CA.

We immensely respect and value our customers and thus formulate a security model aligning with their needs and preferences. We proceed to deliver security service only when our security experts visit the assigned premise, carry out the verification process and calculate the risk percentage associated with the client’s premises. And after completion of this process, we deploy an appropriate mix of unarmed, static, mobile and armed security guards to the client site for full protection. Needless to mention, the guards are placed very strategically to ensure the entire premise of the client is covered under our security surveillance systems.

The main reason why our guards stand apart from any other security professionals is simply because of their observational and decision-making skills. We provide in-depth training to all our guards to build strong intellect capability along with physical fitness. Hence, they have the unique capability to detect impending danger speedily and act as per the situation demands.  Our guards also have a tremendous sense of responsibility and so they mandatorily patrol the assigned premise to ensure the premise is free from suspicious activities. However, if they observe anything fishy piling up in the client’s premise, they take instant strong action to deter the same.

Also, to provide flawless service to clients, we equip our guards with advanced technologies. For instance – CCTV cameras, radio transmitters, GPS monitoring systems, flashlights, metal detectors, alarms etc. Apart from this, we also offer a 24-hour service facility to our clients for extra protection along with foot patrol and vehicle patrol services.

Moreover, since customer’s satisfaction is our main priority, clients can add or incorporate security specifications as per their suitability. For example – If the client wishes to have more foot patrol security instead of vehicle patrol or more armed security guards than unarmed ones, we execute the requests within a very short span of time. We ensure that the request of the client is implemented without dragging them into many formalities or hassles.

Therefore, if you are searching for a highly professional and most preferred security guard company in Downey & Norwalk, CA for protecting yourself, your loved ones or your property, then do get in touch with us. Our services will definitely meet your expectation.

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