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top professional security guard company in Mission Hills &Lompoc, CA

Protect shopping malls by choosing a top security service provider in Mission Hills & Lompoc, CA

Shopping malls are lucrative places to hang out and to shop. And, often it is mistaken that shopping malls are not prone to thefts or any other crimes. But the truth is just the opposite.  Often convicts capitalize on this misconception of the masses. Shoplifting and petty thefts have now become quite common in some of the malls only due topoor security service facilities. Hence, to deter such crimes in shopping malls it is absolutely necessary to scale up the security services at these places.

We, Access Patrol Services (APS) are a top security service provider in Mission Hills & Lompoc, CA that provides professional security service especially in shopping malls to deter crimes at these places. APS has over 25 years of experience in the security service industry. Thus, have the right knowledge and expertise to cater accurate security solutions to any place or client. So, when it comes to relying on a professional security guard company in Mission Hills & Lompoc, APS is the right point.

The fact is we believe that quality is the key to retain customers. And hence, we deploy guards that are only BSIS certified.  Besides, before deploying guards to the assigned shopping mall, our security specialist first visit the premise, chalks out a robust security model and thereafter right number and mix of armed, static, unarmed, mobiles guards are positioned at the shopping mall. Besides, the guards are placed quite strategically to ensure that the entire perimeter of the shopping mall falls under the security surveillance system of APS.

Moreover, we invest a lot of time in training our security guards to keep the service quality up to the mark.  Therefore, our shopping mall security guards are highly responsible individual who carry out thorough checking process at the entry point of the mall premises. They make sure that no visitor carries anything dangerous or suspicious that could pose a threat to other visitors and the mall premises. Besides, in order to maintain the decorum of the shopping mall our guards continuously patrol the entire area to prevent chaos and thefts. In case they detect suspicious activity, immediate preventive measures are taken. Again, if the security guards notice unruly or unusual behavior of any visitor they investigate the matter and take appropriate measures.

Moreover, various types of advanced technologies such as CCTV cameras, GPS monitoring systems, metal detectors, radio transmitters, infra-red thermometers, etc., are used by the shopping mall security guards of APS for errorless security service delivery.

Therefore, if you are someone looking for a top professional security guard company in Mission Hills &Lompoc, CA then contact APS ASAP.

Given blow are some of the important consideration you must take into account before employing security service from a company.

The capacity to provide technology to support security guards and improve safety

Clients ought to look for security companies that have created or used software technology as a means of enhancing the value of their officers to the client company. Find out from security guard businesses how they use technology to improve security, reduce risk, or increase productivity. Examples could include the application of automation and communications technologies intended to increase the guard force’s efficacy.

Size of the workforce and the company’s stability

For what duration has the organization been offering security services? What is the number of its operational offices? What is their state of finances? Think about the liability coverage offered; is it sufficient for your needs?

Standing in the community and industry

Make several calls to find out how the business is connected to the local police. Find information about complaints, infractions, and state licenses.

A proficient team for operations and support

Choose a business that offers a round-the-clock communications center to help its security workers. Think about the company’s transition policy: does it have a formal plan in place? Examine the management and employees of the local office, taking into account their work experience, education, and length of service. Does the company have a sufficient amount of guns, uniforms, and other gear? What contingency plans for handling catastrophes and national disasters does the security provider have in place?

Stressing customer service and client feedback
How does the business get input on how it is operating? Are there surveys of consumer satisfaction, for instance? What happens when someone expresses dissatisfaction? Request to examine client and public recommendation letters. Examine previous customer cancellations; find out why they occurred, and then assess the veracity of the responses.

So, before you choose any security company look for the aforementioned points and then make a decision.  APS is one such security company that meets all the above mentioned points and hence clients can trust 100 % for full security protection.

Therefore, if you are someone looking for a top professional security guard company in Mission Hills &Lompoc, CAthen contact APS ASAP.

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