50% surge in construction site theft calls for strict security service

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50% surge in construction site theft calls for strict security service2023-05-19T12:51:59+00:00

According to news reports, crime has increased in construction sites since the COVID-19 outbreak. Construction site management companies are being advised to strengthen their security to avert crime. Construction sites contain costly materials and equipment that call for the use of a robust security service to avoid theft and vandalism.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak and the ever-changing government guidelines, constructions sites are allowed to open only to be told shut down, leaving valuable materials unattended. This situation has turned out to be a lucrative opportunity for many criminals.

Thieves are not necessarily unauthorized individuals. An efficient security service can station their guards to monitor workers and check all those entering and exiting the site.

Even before the pandemic, crime at construction sites has been an ongoing problem that has afflicted the industry. Construction site theft has a significant financial impact on a company’s profit. It is not only the expense of replacing the stolen items but also the delays in operation while waiting for replacements to arrive.

Access Patrol Service (APS) is a security guard company in San Pablo that works with management for large-scale as well as with small-scale projects. Our guards are efficiently trained and BSIS qualified to serve the critical needs of construction sites. We follow unique methods and techniques to ensure the sites are fully protected. We combine security guard services with robust identification checks, usage of GPS tracking systems, CCTV cameras and radio beacon technologies.

Different sites have different issues so the need for security service for every site is unique. We first walk the construction site and then prepare a security plan to fit the location. The number of security guards is calculated for maximum effectiveness.

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