Need for efficient security guard rises after frequent thefts occurring in the cemeteries

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Need for efficient security guard rises after frequent thefts occurring in the cemeteries2022-06-14T05:00:07+00:00

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‘Cemeteries are not susceptible to security threats’, is the most misconceived notion.
According to a recent news report, a 78 year old woman has been charged over a four year spate of cemetery theft. Although you might say this is just once in a while incident but this is not the case. There had been many incidents of theft,vandalism that occured in a cemetery. Numerous news flashed in the last year concering this issue.
Larceny, illegally forfeiting or selling of memorial plaque, removing or mutilating tomb, stealing light fittings and intentional vandalism are some of the crimes that occur in cemeteries.
Needless to say, it is a place that is mostly deserted, giving ways for many criminal activities. Since cemeteries are easily accessible, one can freely enter or infringe the place. Therefore, most often convicts and thieves look out for such spots where there are hardly any people or are less populated.
Moreover, cemeteries are leniently protected places. You can only spot one or two security guards who are inadequately trained which makes it easier to take control of that place by any illicit person. Apart from people with devious motives, photographers, history researchers, tourists, birdwatchers visit cemeteries that increases the chances of tampering the place. Therefore, even cemeteries or graveyards need adequately trained security guards to safeguard that place.
Access Patrol Services (APS) provides professional cemetery security guards who are trained adequately and are morally sound to take care and safeguard the place. We are a renowned security guard company in Santa Clara that offers highest quality service to every industry and sector.
Since we value human emotions, we not only provide security services to top notch companies and residences but also extend our services to all the areas including cemeteries. Our cemetery security guards are courteous and diligent. They patrol the entire perimeter 24 hours to ensure there is no piling up of suspicious activity. Also, if they come across any activity that seems to be fishy, they immediately inform the nearby police to ensure the area remains safe at all times.
Therefore, APS is a recognized company that can provide full protection on any area. Hence, when searching for professional security guard company in Santa Clara then APS is the one company which one should consider.
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