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Shopping malls have always been the most luring place for shoppers of all ages. However, with the COVID-19 outbreak the situation has taken an unfortunate turn. You would find shopping malls now deserted that used to be filled with pomp and happy faces. But now businesses have severely been hit hard by the deadly virus. Such sudden change of events is something that we never imagined in the wildest of our dreams.
But thankfully, we see that the situation is getting normalized gradually. Recent news reports are confirming cases of COVID-19 to be tumbling with each passing day. Every industry, business and shops are re-opening and are prepared to get back to the usual trading by employing proper precautions.
Moreover, we could see shopping malls are giving gifts and offering discounts to encourage the customers to visit the mall. This situation seems to be incredibly positive, but we cannot rule out the fact that no matter how much it looks or seems to be normal; the risk is still very much valid. Therefore, only with proper security system total safety can be ensured.
The role of security guards have changed tremendously with the new standards and regulations laid by the government. Social distancing norm, mask wearing mandate and utilization of sanitizers are now the most important factor that everyone needs to adhere. Until and unless these are fully enforced with strict surveillance in the shopping malls, there are chances that the environment might get infected.
Access Patrol Services (APS) is a security guard company in San Marcos that has proved itself as a fighter in this critical situation. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the relentless effort they have provided to all the industries is noteworthy. Therefore, considering us won’t be a desolation for you.
Our armed and unarmed security guards are trained efficiently and are imparted with current guidelines to ensure that proper service is being delivered. A number of skilled security guards on each gate and on every critical point are stationed to monitor each and every corner of the area.
To ensure that social distancing is followed by every customer, our guards are vigilant and attentive all the time. If our guards locate a small gathering or grouping, they immediately remind the customer to follow the rules and regulation in a very courteous and polite way. The guards do their job meticulously to avoid any brawls or fights that may arise while instructing the customer to adhere to the guidelines.
Moreover, our armed as well as unarmed security guards have the ability to detect any impending dangers that might disturb the area. Therefore, they seek actions immediately or prevent the situation (danger) from occurring. Also, with the use of latest technology like GPS surveillance system, CCTV cameras, metal detector, sanitizing machine, infra-red thermometer and many more appliances, the guards are able to handle even the most critical condition.
APS security guard company in San Marcos also provides 24-hour service facility to meet your requirement any time. Furthermore, we also offer customized services to ensure that every need and requirement of the customer is met with full satisfaction. Hence, if you are looking for a flawless security service then give us a call. We will be happy to serve you with our best services.
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