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Every entity, whether it’s a residential space, business, or event, is exposed to risks. And so, seeking the help of security guard Company for complete security protection is indispensable. Security guards address uncertain dangers such as theft, vandalism, robberies, extortions, workplace disputes, and other serious issues. But, the bitter truth is due to the presence of numerous security guard companies in California, it is challenging to choose a genuine provider. And hence, it is recommendable to conduct a thorough due diligence before choosing or employing security provider for getting professional security guard services in San Diego.

We, Access Patrol Services (APS) is a vintage security provider that offers highly professional security guard services in San Diego. We have been in the market for more than five decades and are considered as one of the best providers in the industry. The reasons are many, so let’s have a look at why we are the most preferred security guard company in California.

BSIS Certified Security Guards: APS is immensely conscious about their service quality and so only BSIS certified security guards are employed in APS. Consequently, we don’t deploy unskilled or uncertified guards at the client site. We do value customer’s expectations and so clients can trust us completely for receiving genuine security service.

Technology:  APS believes in constant adaptation to innovative security technologies to increase performance levels. For instance – GPS monitoring systems are used to keep track of our security guards while they are on their duty. Real-time activities of the guards are closely monitored by supervisors to ensure security coverage is in keeping with the client’s needs. This approach helps to intensify the efficiency level among the security guards. Apart from this, radio transmitters, CCTV cameras, metal detectors, scanning machines, mobile devices, automatic sanitizers, and infrared thermometers, etc are some of the advanced gadgets that are used extensively by our guards to provide seamless security service.

Customized services: We understand that not all clients will have same kind of security requirements. And so, APS provides tailor-made services to clients to cater to their specific needs and requirements. For example – an event needs traffic control, a retail store wants to reduce shoplifting, and private event manager needs security to keep out gatecrashers. Therefore, site-specific training is given to security guard personnel who work with the client to ensure client needs are met. Therefore, when you talk about the best security guard services in San Diego  then undoubtedly we are the most preferred security service provider.

Highly trained and qualified security guards:  APS security guards are quick to act in cases of emergency–whether a natural or man-made disaster. They are trained to evacuate buildings, assist injured individuals and work with law enforcement. APS conducts intensive training sessions on a routine basis, to keep the guards flexible, efficient and robust to address any type of security emergency. The training session includes intellect development programs, physical strength development, crowd control management, etc. Apart from these, new techniques and technologies are also imparted to the guards to enhance the service quality.

24 hours service:  APS provides security services round the clock, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We acknowledge that security emergencies can arise at any moment and so guards need to be prepared and available to respond to an emergency situation. And for this reason we train our guards to remain highly vigilant during their duty hours. Another reason is, since we deploy guards on a shift basis, you will always find our guards proactive, vigilant and professional during their working hours.

Patrolling: We offer both foot patrol and vehicle patrol services to provide extended security service to clients. Patrolling services are highly beneficial to diffuse impending danger.  It helps the guards to locate suspicious activities which may pose threat to the client’s safety or client property.

Unique Strategy: APS has its own unique strategy to ensure the deliverance of high-quality security service. To meet the accurate security need of the client, our security specialist first visits the assigned location to analyze and scrutinize the entire layout and to calculate the risk percentage. Once this process is done, the security specialist formulates a solid security plan and thereafter sufficient number of security guards is deployed to the client site to provide an accurate security solution to the client. Moreover, we ensure that the site has armed, unarmed, static, and mobile security guards so that even extreme situations can be handled proficiently.

Cost-Effective: Being a client-centric organization, APS provides security guard services in San Diego at reasonable rates.  Besides, we provide full liberty to our clients to cancel the contract at any point of time if not satisfied with our security service quality. However, we can totally guarantee that clients won’t regret availing of our security service, as our driving force is mainly customer satisfaction.

Why APS is the one-stop solution?                

APS has a history of delivering successful security services to over 2,000 sites with a strong customer satisfaction rate. Currently, with so many security service providers in the market, we have been able to remain one of the top security companies. The reason is our integrated security solution and also because of our indomitable spirit to deliver t best security services to clients. Therefore, you can rely on our security guard services in San Diego for ultimate protection because; we are the number one security service provider.

 Hence, if you are someone looking out for the best security guard services in San Diego, then get in touch with us ASAP.

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