A security guard’s arm was broken and two other guards were attacked by two men in a Van Nuys Target. The attack occurred when the customers were being escorted out the store for failing to complying with store policy that required all customers wear face masks.

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One of the primary responsibilities of retail security guards is to ensure that patrons follow store policies and guidelines. This responsibility is particularly important in these times. If a store is found not to be following state, county and city health and safety procedures, the store can be shut down.

Individuals who refuse to follow store rules should not be allowed to enter. If they do so, they run the risk of creating a dangerous, unhealthy environment for other shoppers and employees.

As retail stores slowly reopen, these types of confrontations are likely to increase. Store owners should take the proper measures to ensure bad customer behavior does not occur—and if it does, the situation is promptly addressed. Security guards are trained to deescalate volatile situations and to discreetly escort misbehaving individuals off the premises. Unlike the Van Nuys Target incident, in the vast majority of cases, they are successful.

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