Workplace violence can happen anywhere–small businesses, medical facilities, corporate offices, retail stores. In many cases, violence occurs when a disgruntled, recently terminated employee returns to seek revenge. Security guards can play a big role in preventing these former employees from entering the premises.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 453 U.S. workers were victims of workplace homicide in 2018. Once of the latest victims was the 27-year-old manager of a retirement home in Burbank. A recently terminated employee was booked on suspicion of stabbing the victim to death at the facility. The victim and the man arrested knew each other.

Prevention Efforts. Many larger businesses keep security guards on staff. They implement strict entrance protocols, install security gates and 24-hour monitored surveillance cameras. Not every business can afford this type of security regime. However, steps can be taken to help reduce the chances of a terminated employee from returning and acting out.

Companies hire a security guard to be present whenever an employee is fired. The guard’s presence can prevent an angry worker from becoming violent.  The guard then escorts the former employee from the premises. The security guard often remains onsite for several days or weeks to ensure the fired employee does not try to return to the location.

Access Patrol Services is one of the largest security firms in California and Arizona. Its guards are trained to diffuse angry confrontations and ensure that violent individuals do not enter places of business.

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