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Retail establishments come in a variety of sizes, from small, solely-owned corner stores to medium-sized supermarkets with five to ten employees to mega stores and plazas with a big workforce. They all share the same goal: to make money by selling fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs). Such businesses fill a crucial void in the economy and the community at large.

Therefore, security should be a top concern for this industry. This is crucial because the profit margins for such companies’ products are small, and properly securing their inventory is the primary method to avoiding loss.

Security guards in Newport Beach outline security issues primarily faces by retail stores. Continue reading to learn more:


This also entails taking products without any intent to pay for them from a retail store. However, individuals who have access to expensive stuff on the back end of the store are the only ones that commit pilferage.

There must be rigorous security measures in place to avert pilferage because it is possible for any staff member to steal something. These policies revolve around stringent preventive measures, real-time/regular stock taking, routine screening and frisk procedures, and strong access control.


The deliberate theft of items on display for purchase without paying the price is known as shoplifting. This usually occurs by hiding the products on oneself or a third party who raises the least amount of red flags, like a new born, youngster, or an old person.

These people tend to be repeat offenders who have a thorough understanding of how to look for weak places, spot problems, create distractions, and mislead through complaints, queries, or arguments. They are aware of how to dress tastefully to draw attention, but they are also adept at concealing items in concealed pockets, or even inside their trousers.

Customer Fury

Every retail service exists to serve the public, and if the company is to succeed, their continuing patronage is crucial. However, it’s never easy to please everyone in the public. Therefore, it is necessary to have proper security measures.

This can be avoided by having a noticeable resolution strategy for problems like broken merchandise, unpaid invoices, returns of goods, and NO-RETURN policies.

Additionally, it is crucial that all employees, especially those who handle cash, floor supervisors, and managers, receive proper instruction in and guidance regarding dispute resolution and conflict management techniques.

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