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Based on whether they belong to the armed or unarmed security force category, security forces are recruited as in-house or contractual security guards for a firm. Either way, they must be licenced and meet the state norms. Setting up inexperienced in-house security exposes most small businesses, sometimes larger enterprises, to litigation and unwelcome scrutiny.

In most cases, law enforcement officials are also dismissive of security who are not BSIS accredited since they are unaware of their legal obligations and do not know what is permissible under the law.

On the flip side, Security Guards in Newport Beach are licenced by their regional authorities to carry out the following tasks following BSIS and company-provided training:

Governing Body for Private Real Estate

A security guard only has authority over the area where they have been working. If someone is not following the laws and regulations, they have the right to order them to vacate the private property. Security guards who have received the necessary training can interact with disruptive or belligerent individuals, defuse a potentially dangerous situation, or even make a citizen’s arrest in an emergency.

Investigation and Seizure

According to the law, a security officer cannot conduct a search or seize anything. They have no right to investigate another individual or property, even if there’s reason to suspect the person has stolen something. The government has limited authority to execute searches since the law upholds peoples’ rights. Private security guards and the police are distinct entities.

Utilise force or weapons

“Reasonable force” is allowed under several circumstances when expelling or restricting someone on private property. However, the severity of the offence and the risk it poses to the security team and others must be considered when using force. Therefore, security guards in Newport Beach are permitted to deploy mild force, but they must proceed cautiously and be aware of their legal rights and boundaries.

APS officers go above and beyond the BSIS basic requirements for training. Our guards are aware that using force without necessity is never acceptable. Verbal judo is a crucial weapon. And in a life-or-death situation, our security officers are trained in self-defence techniques that can keep you safe while avoiding the need for force unless necessary to save a life. At APS, we always remind everyone to leave security concerns to the professionals. Overstepping a security guard’s legal limits by detaining or questioning a person or using force other than self-defence may result in severe consequences for both the guard and the company that recruits them.

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