Security Guards Protect People and Property From Vagrant Problems in California and Arizona

There are over 550,000 homeless in the United States. Many have substance abuse issues or mental disabilities.

Because the homeless problem is so overwhelming in many places in California and Arizona, security guard companies are being asked to station their guards at businesses so customers feel safe will they enter and exit.

Security guard firms such as Access Patrol Services (APS) supply security guards who are experienced and trained in dealing with the homeless. APS officers understand the sensitivity of every interaction and act in a compassionate yet firm manner.

APS guards use their communication skills to convince individuals who are loitering on private property to leave peacefully.

Their presence will often keep homeless from congregating. If a homeless person is violent or belligerent, security guards will take immediate action and contact law enforcement.

If you are searching for a security guard company in California and Arizona that not only carries out day-to-day security functions, but also has the compassion and experience to address homeless issues, contact Access Patrol Services at 866-770-0004 or go to

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