Crime along popular boulevards in Los Angeles is increasing, including criminals robbing diners at outdoor restaurants. Security guards are being posted at these restaurants to protect patrons.

Pandemic Crime. The pandemic forced many restaurants to open seating outside, often on sidewalks and parking lots. Outdoor dining offers the safety measures needed to reduce the spread of COVID. Unfortunately, it also gives criminals easy access to victims. Previously, most thieves wouldn’t think of entering an establishment to commit crimes, with victims seating outside, they can rob at gunpoint and be on their way in seconds.

Outdoor dining has proven to be a popular option. Expect it to remain a part of the dining experience, especially in southern California and parts of Arizona where the weather is good most of the year. However, crime will also remain as the opportunity for easy access to victims will prove too enticing.

A Security Presence. Restaurant security guards are stationed at outside dining points, making sure that any would-be robbers know that they are being watched. If a robbery is in progress, they will intervene and call police. They are also present at closing when restaurants and their employees are again vulnerable to crime.

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