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Retail stores have all sorts of items that are tempting to thieves. Shoplifters and organized crime rings target merchandise that can easily be resold on the black market including electronics, jewelry, alcohol and prescription drugs. And, dishonest employees account for 30 percent of all retail theft. That’s where shopping center security guards can play a big role in stopping crime.

Security guards at Access Patrol Services (APS) are trained to spot suspicious-acting customers and employees. If caught in the act, security guards detain the would-be thief and alert management.

Uniformed guards are placed at store entrances and around high-ticket items. They also patrol after hours, when criminals may try to enter under the cover of darkness and when the store is empty.

Part of APS guard services is 24/7 security video monitoring. When offsite personnel see something, they contact on-duty guards for immediate action.

Whether a stand-alone retail store, strip mall or big shopping center, contact Access Patrol Services for all your security needs. APS provides security coverage in California and Arizona. Reach APS at 866-770-0004 or go to

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