Every year, crime spikes in summer. This year is no exception even with stay-at-home orders. Experts believe that higher temperatures can make people more aggressive. Warmer temperatures also mean more windows are left open and people are away from home longer making residences inviting targets for burglars. The need for security guard patrols is at its highest in summer. And, with so many businesses closed because of the pandemic, commercial property crime can be even more pronounced.

Researchers at the University of Southern California reviewed call records by the LAPD between 2010 and 2017. Days where the temperature was more than 85 degrees saw an average 2.2 percent increase in general crime (5.7 percent in violent crime). In neighborhoods with older homes built without air conditioning, the likelihood of someone losing their cool and acting violently increased.

Other studies show that a significant number of summer crimes are committed by bored youth who are out of school, looking for something to do and end up in trouble. Vandalism is often their crime of choice.

Commercial Property Crime Prevention. The most effective way to reduce commercial property crime—whether vandalism or break-ins–is to station property security guards onsite. Guards can prevent criminals from entering the property, or if a crime is in progress, can detain the criminals until law enforcement arrives.

Other effective crime deterrents are an abundance of lighting and prominently-displayed security cameras and burglar alarms. The better the chance that their cover will be blown while committing a crime, the less likely the crime will be carried out. Since so many property crimes are crimes of opportunity, these safeguards will go a long way in keeping your property safe.

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