It seems that about once a year, we hear of a terrorist incident at a house of worship. The latest at a Texas synagogue ended without the loss of life of worshippers. That’s not always the case.

Those who survived credit their active-shooter training to help stay calm and then escape when they saw the opportunity. It’s a reminder that every church, synagogue and temple needs to take security precautions.

Prevention And Training. Part of our job at Access Patrol Services is for our security guards to walk through a client’s property to go over potential security issues. In many cases, we’ve found that a sizable number of those attending services would not be able to escape quickly if an attacker enters. That’s why we stress prevention measures and mandatory security education by congregation leaders. Preparing for the worst can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Not all attacks are directed toward people. Acts of vandalism are on the rise. Our security guards patrol around the clock. We also monitor mounted security camera feeds 24/7.

Access Patrol Services provides houses of worship patrols in cities across California and Arizona. If you’d like to discuss your church, synagogue or temple security needs, call Access Patrol Services at 866-770-0004 or click on

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