Catch Criminals In The Act With Real-Time Video Surveillance Monitoring

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We’ve all seen news reports of criminals breaking in and ransacking stores, homes and office buildings. By the time the video is viewed and the police arrive, the thieves are long gone. The most efficient use of video surveillance is when its feed is monitored 24/7. Link Video Coverage With In-Person Security. Video surveillance feeds [...]

The Need For College Campus Security Guards Grows

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Recent college campus protests have prompted many school administrations to consider adding campus security guards to ensure large gatherings remain peaceful. The number of hate crimes, assaults, theft and burglary was already on the rise, adding to the security challenges facing universities and colleges. Working With Campus Police. School administrators are hiring guards from independent [...]

Vehicle Theft Reaches Record Numbers in 2022

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In 2022, 1,001,967 vehicles were stolen in the U.S., a 200,000 increase since 2019 and the highest number in 15 years. According to the National Crime Information Center, California led the way with 202,685 stolen vehicles last year. Bakersfield had the highest theft rate in the nation. Many of these vehicle thefts occur in retail [...]

Preparation Is Key To Protect Property During Civil Unrest

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Preparation Is Key To Protect Property During Civil Unrest As the world witnessed yesterday, crowds can quickly turn violent and then vandalize and destroy property if security staff is unprepared. We saw Capitol police overwhelmed even though the warning signs of potential violence were everywhere. Prepare For The Worst. Over the past year, civil unrest [...]

Shopping Center Security Guards in California and Arizona

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Shopping Center Security Guards in California and Arizona   Retail stores have all sorts of items that are tempting to thieves. Shoplifters and organized crime rings target merchandise that can easily be resold on the black market including electronics, jewelry, alcohol and prescription drugs. And, dishonest employees account for 30 percent of all [...]

Medical Supply Security

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Critical medical equipment and hospital protective gear are in short supply because of COVID-19. As these items are manufactured and processed through the supply chain, tight security has become the norm at every step. Medical Supply Manufacturing. Even during "normal" times, manufacturers place a heavy emphasis on security including employing security guards at their sites. [...]