Malls have always had to address bad behavior by teens—fights and shoplifting top the list. Now, mall owners need to add violent takeovers by hundreds of teens intent on creating chaos. The number of mall security guards is increasing to help stop these takeovers from happening.

Takeover Prevention. Postings on social media announce a mall takeover and word spreads. Police do a good job of warning that anyone participating in these takeovers will face arrest. That’s usually enough to deter most teens from participating. Unfortunately, those intent on making trouble will find new ways to do so.

Previously targeted malls are imposing age restrictions for entry during evenings and weekends. Security guards are checking the IDs of guests. Only teens accompanied by someone 21 or older can enter. Guards also patrol parking lots and structures, looking for groups of teens who may be gathering. They guard entrances and throughout the mall.

Until this fad fades (hopefully soon) and teens understand they will be held responsible for their illegal activity, extra security will remain at malls.

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