The Need For College Campus Security Guards Grows

Recent college campus protests have prompted many school administrations to consider adding campus security guards to ensure large gatherings remain peaceful. The number of hate crimes, assaults, theft and burglary was already on the rise, adding to the security challenges facing universities and colleges.

Working With Campus Police. School administrators are hiring guards from independent security guard companies to supplement campus police staff. These guards patrol the grounds, helping to ensure a safe environment. If a person is acting out, they will detain the individual until campus police arrive. The goal is for students to obey the school’s code of conduct.

Guards are also on hand when a large gathering occurs on campus. They work with campus police so those in attendance are respectful to others and remove those who aren’t. Security guards can help in emergencies, escort students to their vehicles or dorms, help with parking during school events and take on a host of other duties.

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