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Perhaps you already have a surveillance system installed and want an extra layer of security. You may be responsible for the safety of a trade show or a corporate meeting. There may have been recent security hazards at your facility, and you are searching for an affordable on-site security guard for the first time and are confused about which one to choose.

A prevalent misconception is that armed guards are automatically more effective because they carry firearms. However, you might be shocked to learn that, more often than you’d imagine, unarmed security guards are a practical option.

Whatever your circumstance, if you’re thinking about hiring a security guard but aren’t sure if you should go with armed or unarmed guards, Access Patrol Services can help.

Here are three smart reasons to hire unarmed security guards in Bear Valley Springs

Your finances are tight

For a significantly lesser upfront cost, unarmed guards provide you with the protection you and your facility need.

Armed guards are more expensive and can put a significant financial strain on your budget. But, on the contrary, hiring unarmed guards can help you save money. This is because of several things, such as additional training, licencing, insurance, and workplace risks.

There is no reason to believe that unarmed security guards won’t be equally effective. The fact is that before being hired, unarmed guards have to undergo extensive training and meet licencing standards. Without the extra expense and hassle of armed guards, your experienced unarmed security guard could assist you in effectively boosting security.

Reduce Your Liability

Using lethal force carries hazards. Therefore, the best course of action is definitely to stay away from armed security guards if you or your business has a low liability tolerance and isn’t ready to cope with the aftermath of an incident involving lethal force.

You would be held accountable for the victim’s injury or death and associated legal costs and settlements if they were harmed or killed by armed forces hired at your facility. This could be financially, emotionally, and reputationally catastrophic for your company.

Your Facility is in a Gun-Sensitive Site

Some people find the sight of guns quite unnerving, especially in light of the recent uproar over laws concerning firearms and the prevalence of shootings in the United States.

Despite the fact that having an armed guard increases safety, the mere sight of a firearm might make people uneasy and cause more trouble than is necessary. Hiring unarmed security guards in Bear Valley Springs is your best bet in such cases.

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