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Arleta Security Guards are Keeping Violent Crimes Low

Arleta Security Guards have Contributed to Keeping Violent Crimes Low
Arleta security guards are doing an excellent job keeping violent crimes down in Arleta. This past week there were not any violent crimes (rape, assault, robbery) at all, and there were only 14 property crimes. Although it would be better to have no property crimes either, having 14 in one week is significantly lower than most of its surrounding cities. The next closest is Shadow Hills, which also has zero violent crimes, and has only seven property crimes. It is interesting to see that the average crimes per 10,000 people is lower in Arleta (4.3) even though they had twice as many property crimes as Shadow Hills. (Based on population, Shadow Hill’s average crimes per 10,000 is 4.9.) The weekly rate of 4.3 crimes per 10,000 people in Arleta is higher than North Hills (which was only 2.6) and Panorama City, (who had 3.9) and lower than Sun Valley (4.6), Mission Hills (7.2), and Pacoima (4.3).

Arleta has 18 Consecutive Days Without a Violent Crime
Arleta has made it an astonishing 18 consecutive days without a violent crime, (eight more than Shadow Hills) which is less than seven miles east. Over the last three months, Arleta has averaged 1.7 violent crimes and eight property crimes per week during the past three months. The main types of property crimes being committed in Arleta are theft and theft from vehicle. It is great having Arleta security guards available to assist when needed and to patrol dark, suspicious areas and/or parking lots, but it is also a good idea to take every necessary precaution to avoid theft.

Here are some practical steps to avoid theft from your car:
1. Do not have any valuable items in your car in the first place so there is not anything for thieves to steal.
2. If you do need to keep valuable items in your car, make sure that they are locked in the trunk, hidden under a seat, in the glove box, or even under an article of clothing or a blanket. If there is not anything actively attracting the attention of a criminal, chances are your car will remain untouched.
3. Make sure that your doors are locked at all times.
4. Install a security alarm to deter thieves. Many cars have these built in, however, if your vehicle does not have a security system, it is easy and inexpensive to add one. Security systems can be purchased online, or in local department stores, for as little at thirty dollars.
5. It is also a good idea to always be aware of where the Arleta security guards are located and to approach them if you are in need of assistance.
Contact APS if you are looking for Arleta security guards or if you have questions about security and your security needs in general. You can reach us at 1-866-770-0004 or online at online order form.

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